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Practice Growth

A business cannot grow unless it makes a profit and the Alliance is here to assist you achieve that. The reason behind starting the Alliance was simple. We believe that if all practices work together, we can make ensure that every dental practice works to its best abilities.

We are experienced in the dental field and know just what challenges you face when running a practice. If you are a practice owner or a practice manager looking for a competitive edge, then the Alliance will help you. 

In the present market, there is no guaranteed way of bringing more patients through the door and increasing your income. However, there is a way to be certain that you are making the most of your current situation and ensuring your practice gets the best margins.

Working together we can be sure that your practice has the best profitability possible and your headaches are taken care of. On average, a practice owner spends 9.6 hours per week on pointless paperwork. Checking things such as costs, contracts and marketing. For only £75.00 per month the Alliance will do that for you. That is an extra 9.6 hours you can spend with your patients earning money.

A few areas that our members benefit from

  • Marketing help with low cost, individually customised posters and flyers
  • Analysis and continued monitoring of your ongoing costs, contracts and expenses
  • CQC help
  • Reduced and monitored material and sundry costs

By taking the headache away from our members, we create an opportunity for you to maximise your margins and spend more time seeing to patients. 

Please get in touch with us so we can help you grow your practice by using the Alliance of Excellence to its full power.