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About Us

The Alliance of Excellence has been designed to help practices grow and thrive. At times the dental world can seem daunting and too much to deal with. As a practice owner you have the stress of making your business run, worry from patients and staff and pressures from procedures and compliance. On top of all of the above, you need to ensure that your business creates a profit.

The Alliance of Excellence has been created by experienced dental professionals to help you thrive. We understand the pressures and strains that come with running a practice, ensuring business growth and allowing you to maximise your profit.

It is not our ambition to buy your practice, take over the running of your business or get involved in day-to-day matters. Our aim is to enable you to maximise your practice’s potential through the products that we offer.

  • “Joining the Alliance has helped massively. My manager is happy, my numbers are up and I am getting a decent profit”

    Dr A.D.
    Practice Principal
  • “I wish the Alliance was here 10 years ago”.

    Dr R.K.
    Practice Principal
  • “I am pleased to say that this is simply the best money saving business that has been introduced to me for years. The Alliance is a winner”.

    Dr J.T.
    Business Owner 
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Oscar Dadashian

Oscar Dadashian – Founder

Oscar started practicing dentistry in 2000 as an associate dentist. He worked heavily in NHS dentistry until 2001 when he brought a small two-surgery practice. In 2010 he started to expand his business and realised that the biggest disadvantage he faced was not being a dental corporate.

Oscar is now hands on, helping the Alliance create new ways to ensure that small practices / businesses have the same advantages as corporates groups. As a dentist he ensures that the profession is represented within the Alliance and everything that the Alliance does is a benefit to you, a dental professional. 

Con Ahearne

Con Ahearne – Founder

After the crash of 2008, Con sold his media company to a business partner and started working in the dental field. He started as a practice manager, worked his way up to become the General Manager and eventually was made a non-executive Managing Director for a small dental corporate.

Along the way, Con learnt that the dental field was unfair. The power lay in the hands of large corporate companies and investment groups. Along with Oscar, Con decided that small companies needed a stronger foothold in the market. He now ensures that the Alliance listens to the profession and offers the very best package it can. A product that rivals large dental corporates and offers dental SMEs a lot more than they get while acting alone.

Con is currently studying an MBA and plays an active role in helping practices grow. 

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Partners to the Alliance

Steve Mead

Steve Mead – Sancus Ltd

Steve has worked in commercial environments for the past 30 years ranging from manufacturing, retail and more recently pharmaceutical businesses. His various roles held in these companies have included Productivity and Planning, Marketing, Sales, Operations and Customer Services all of which have provided him with a wide range of customer centric business performance focused skill set.

These past two and half years, Steve has put these skills to good use working with a team of like minded individuals helping SME's focus on improving business performance and profitability so they can focus on delivering their customer needs.

As professionals working in the healthcare industry, you understand the importance of exceeding your client's needs and keeping up with the ever-changing industry. Back office tasks such as managing costs and ensuring compliance, whilst important factors for all organisations, take up valuable time and may often not receive the attention or focus they need.

Sancus Ltd is a management consultancy company whose key objective is to help improve your organisations profitability and efficiency allowing you and your team to focus on your clients.

Sancus specialise in ensuring you operate as efficiently as possible and get the very best from your suppliers be it energy, telecoms, waste management, business supplies even insurance. Anything that erodes your profit base and impacts on business efficiency Sancus can help, leaving you with the confidence to exceed your client demands.

Gerard Lee

Gerard Lee – The Health Insurance Group

For over 30 years, Gerard has been working within the insurance field for many years, building relationships with business clients to ensure that their insurance needs are meet.

Using his skills and experience, he has helped thousands of customers gain the correct cover while guaranteeing the best price and unparalleled levels of service. Gerard is dedicated to providing customised wellbeing and health solutions.

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