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The Alliance of Excellence?

We work throughout the UK with dental companies reducing costs, improving business margins and growing practices.

The Alliance of Excellence is here for all dental practices, regardless of whether you are a single principal lead practice or a small corporate company, we give all of our members huge buying power.

It is a known fact that the large dental corporates possess much more power than individual companies, allowing them to drive down costs and maintain healthy margins. They are also able to obtain deals that small companies can only dream of.

What will joining The Alliance give you?

Joining the Alliance will allow you the same power as the dental corporate companies.  If you are looking to increase your base line profit, save on material and sundry costs, get the best prices for equipment, control spending on contracts, train your staff at reduced rates, retain full control of your business and grow your dental practice then we at the Alliance can help.

If 25 - 30% off of your material and sundry costs is of no interest to you, then we are not for you. If reducing your utilities and contract costs, such as clinical waste and electricity, are not of interest to you, then again we are not for you. If free and reduced cost for CPDs are not of interest to you then, we are not for you. But, if you see the benefit of reducing these costs, if you would rather the money you earn end up as profit rather than costs, then the Alliance is for you.

We work with some of the largest companies in the dental field. We have exclusive deals with the likes of Henry Schein, Dental Sky, Dental Directory and Dentsply Sirona. Along with this we have specialist cost saving teams that will help you reduce your everyday expenditure.


We offer a range of products and services

Are you ready to save money?

Contact us now to get the ball rolling. Join the revolution, join the Alliance.


What our members say...

  • “It is a no brainer, the Alliance is a no brainer” – Dr R. P

  • “We were members of another popular group. However the Alliance adds so much more to it's package. They have covered everything I need”. – Mr D. S.

  • “What I really like about the Alliance are the savings. The sooner more practice owners hear about the Alliance, the better” – Mrs P.S.


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